Slush'D | Global network of 100 game changers


Where we come from and the current situation ?

Slush has taken its first steps towards creating a global network of 100 different and most importantly, local Slush’D events, organized by extraordinary teams around the world, having now chosen the first six first ones for 2022..

"“We expect Dar Slush’D to increase the number of university students and young people in Dar Es Salaam and Tanzania in general getting exposed to the StartUp and technology world, with the dash of intentional inclusion of women. The focus of the event is on accelerating the launch and growth of StartUps in Tanzania focusing on solving some of the major issues like employment, education, digital inclusion, financial inclusion and talent upskilling and acquisition.” –Vanessa Kisowile, SheFound"

Why is this happening?

Dar Slush'D is complimenting the great accelerating growth happening in the Tanzania StartUp scene and increasing the energy in the efforts already put in by startups and other players.

We believe in an amazing future for all enabled by technology. We strive to help take steps toward that vision by creating sustainable, growing and impactful StartUp impact in the communities.

Where else is this magic happening ?

The Slush’D magic is also happening in the neighboring Tanzania, where SheFound, together with Ambitious Tanzania, are organizing an 300-person event to expose university students to opportunities to become a founder or work for a local StartUp. Other Slush'D events are happening in Mozambique, Denmark, Germany, Norway and UNited Arab Emirates.