Why join Dar Slush'D 2022 and what it means


What is this really about ?

Dar Slush’D is creating a platform for university students to get into the technology and entrepreneurship space in Tanzanaia, Africa and the globe whether is as founders of tech-startups or talents in the space.

"We are very intentional about closing the women’s inclusion gap in the technology-entrepreneurship space specifically. "

Why is this happening?

The Tanzania and the Africa StartUp ecosystems in general are at a very high acceleraing pace at the moment, yet the gap as far as women’s inclusion and availability of talents is still widely observed and acknowledged. The successful living and growing of any organism is brought by the healthy cooperative funtioning of all the organs, just like any other organism, the StartUp ecosystem’s thriving ability and growth depends on the cooperative funtioning of each player in it.

Just as any other player, as SheFound and our partners Ambitious Tanzania, who are the organizers of Dar Slush’D, we are looking to contibute in building our startuo ecosystem. We are creating a plaform that will focus on technology, entrepreneurship, talents and women’s inclusion in the tech-StartUp space.

Where we come from and the current situation ?

We are on the mission to close the gender gap and create a pipeline of tech-StartUp founders and talents for the Tanzania StartUp scene, with the vision to strengthen and promote Tanzania-Europe StartUps-investors relationship.

For startups looking for talents to volunteer and intern at their startups or even employ part-time, we are creating an opportunity for you to get quality talents with willingness to learn and for university students to get platform to launch and build their careers while in school.

For students looking to get into the StartUp world, whether as a StartUp founder or as a talent, this is a great opportunity to meet with home grown startup founders and industry experts to learn, be exposed and network with them.

For players in the startup scene, from hubs, investors, goverment agents etc, we are super excited to see how Dar Slush’D can contribute into the accelerating growth of the ecosystem and the efforts put by each one of the players.